So you’re tired of feeling like you’re stuck in a rut?
You’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re caught in a people-pleasing cycle doing so much for everyone else and you’re left feeling depleted, frustrated and unhappy?
You know it’s time to cultivate resilience and drop all the excuses you’ve been making that have kept you from feeling the way you want to feel just by being your incredible true self?
Is it time that you finally made YOU your priority?
It’s time to shift your life – mentally, energetically – so you can finally feel good about being you and live a life with more inner-peace, ease and purpose.
Welcome to your journey of Becoming YOU!

Becoming YOU – 1:1 Programme

What’s Included:

  • 12 weeks of weekly online coaching and healing sessions (60-120 mins depending on the week)
  • (9 LIVE sessions with me as your coach & healer / 3 Self-Paced sessions to complete on your own)
  • Additional support through Voxer in between sessions Monday-Friday
  • A combination of different modalities – Hypnotherapy, Time Line Techniques, Energy Work, Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • All LIVE sessions held on Zoom and all self-paced sessions accessed through my online portal (or sent via email)

What’s Covered:

In this 12-week journey we will cover a variety of key topics/modules that follow my T.R.U.E. YOU method for deep healing and transformation. I could have given them fancy names but I like simplicity! The topics covered are:

  • Your Story
  • Emotional Release & Healing
  • Forgiveness
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Core Values
  • Boundaries
  • Creating Anchors
  • Goal setting

All of the modules tie in together to create a wonderful journey that allows you to accept and acknowledge, to release what is no longer needed, to make the changes that will support you and help you grow and expand, and finally to allow you to step out into the world feeling excited, confident, re-energised and resilient. It’s about shedding off the layers that are no longer who you are and feeling ready to spend your life focused on the things that actually matter to you. A declutter or the mind, body and soul so you finally feel motivated and ready to pursue your wildest dreams! Because, why not? (Don’t worry – when you’re done with this program, you won’t have a good answer for that question!)

Who Is This Programme For?

While I whole heartedly believe that every human on the planet would benefit from this transformative program, I designed this program with a specific woman in mind. This program is perfect for women that:

  • feel stuck in a people-pleasing lifestyle
  • find it difficult to prioritise their own needs and desires
  • strive for perfection in most things they do (and it’s exhausting!)
  • struggle to deal with overwhelming emotions that get in the way of life
  • feel themselves holding back from being who they really are and doing what they really want to do
  • wish to feel more resilient and stronger – mentally and emotionally
  • want to stop worrying about what everyone else might be thinking
  • are ready to start setting loving boundaries and learn how to say NO – without the guilt!
  • know there is more to life than what they are currently experiencing
  • simply want life to feel easier, with more peace-of-mind, freedom, alignment and confidence!

What Will I Get From Doing This Programme?

This is my favourite part of this page! By investing in this program you are investing in yourself! This program will not only benefit your mental health but your physical and spiritual health too! By choosing to go on this journey you will:

  • go on a powerful, transformational journey of self-discovery
  • let go of past trauma and release the emotional baggage you’ve been holding on to for years
  • be able to view life through a fresh perspective not marred by the past
  • understand your story and how you got to where you are now
  • forgive those that have caused you pain in life, giving you back your personal freedom
  • heal from life’s past challenges
  • change your outdated and unsupportive beliefs that have been limiting your life and success
  • understand and identify your core values and what that means for your life
  • learn how to set (and uphold) loving boundaries
  • understand how to develop stronger, more balanced and supportive relationships in life
  • learn techniques and tools that will help keep you confident, calm and in control whenever you need
  • be able to set goals and infuse them into your future so that you will actually take action and achieve them
  • develop your self-esteem, your self-confidence and your sense of self-worth
  • no longer seek approval from others because the only approval and acceptance you will need is from yourself – and you will have that!
  • have a new story to tell – one that powerfully supports you in feeling the way you want to feel in life!
  • start living the rest of your life as YOU – the person that you were always meant to be – unapologetically
  • feel motivated to go for the dreams you used to tell yourself weren’t possible for you
  • feel more resilient, more confident, more free than you ever have before!

*I always have a casual chat with all potential clients for this programme to make sure that this programme is a good fit for you and that we’ll work well together.

Still got questions? Still not sure if this is for you? The easiest way to find out is to email me or to book a call. Take your pick! Let’s get your questions answered so you can make an informed decision that feels right for you!

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