Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Most of what we’ll say here is stuff you probably already know…but we need to say it anyways to cover all bases and keep us all safe.

The term ‘our website’ and ‘we’ refers to MartinaJay.com. The term ‘readers’ or ‘you’ refers to site visitors.

MartinaJay.com is a website where readers can access information, read content and subscribe to a newsletter all focused on creating a life that is aligned with who you are and what you want out of it.

The use of this website is for general information and use only. The information and contents of this website can change at any time without notice. 

Copyright & Rights of Use

While we are thrilled that you read and like what we publish, we would not be thrilled if you copied and dispersed our material without permission. It is prohibited to use or copy our content and material for your own business gains including, but not limited to, selling your own products, courses or marketing your own business or organisation. To make it simple – this is our stuff. Don’t be an arse and copy it. 😉

We own the rights to our brand name and our brand logo. They are not yours. Do not copy it. Do not use it. Make your own.

Any material, trademarks or images used on this website that are not our own, we use with permission or acknowledge credit for on our website. Most of the images that we use on this website that are not our own photography are sourced from PixabayPexels or Unsplash.


Accuracy of Information

While we try out best to provide safe, helpful and reliable content, we cannot guarantee that the information on our website is accurate or suitable for you. You acknowledge that the content on this website may contain inaccuracies and errors and we will not be held liable for any of these inaccuracies or errors. Any information or advice that you choose to follow from our website, you do so entirely at your own risk.

MartinaJay.com does not provide medical advice. The information we provide on this website is not a replacement for professional medical support. If you suffer from any medical conditions including mental health conditions, it is always advised to seek advice from your medical professional.

Links & Embedded Content

This website may include links to external websites. We provide these links for your convenience so that you can access further information more easily. While we try our best to check to make sure the links we provide are what we wish to show our readers, we do not take responsibility for any of the content that is provided on any of the linked websites and we don’t endorse these websites either. The content of these external websites may change at any moment and MartinaJay.com has no control over this and cannot be held responsible for this.

We only promote or link to products, services and websites we genuinely recommend but it is your own responsibility to ensure that any of these products, services or information are right for you. We cannot be held responsible for any such products, services or information that you purchase from external websites.


Some of our content may contain affiliate links for which we receive a commission. We only ever promote products and services that we genuinely recommend and think could be beneficial for our readers or products and services that we use ourselves. We will post this notice on the relevant pages to notify you when a product or service is an affiliate.

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